High Five Pets Dog Squeaky Toys – No Stuffing Dog Toys Set – No Dangerous Fluff to Chew or Swallow – 2 Squeakers – Big Plush Dog Toys for Small Dogs and Large Dogs Alike – Bulk Bundle – Pack of 5

January 7, 2020 - Comment

Does this sound familiar? You give your dog a new toy only to find its eyes ripped off and stuffing all over the house minutes later? Or maybe your pup just doesn’t love those heavy stuffed toys, or likes them at first but quickly loses interest? Whether you have a big dog who rips the

Does this sound familiar?

You give your dog a new toy only to find its eyes ripped off and stuffing all over the house minutes later?

Or maybe your pup just doesn’t love those heavy stuffed toys, or likes them at first but quickly loses interest?

Whether you have a big dog who rips the stuffing out of toys, or a small dog who cherishes them, our 100% stuffing free toys are perfect for your furry friend

Safer: Unlike some lookalikes, there is absolutely No dangerous stuffing hidden in our toys for your dog to swallow or choke on!

Lasts Longer: Unstuffed toys last longer because dogs are less tempted to kill a toy that has no filling to trigger their hunting instinct.

Less Mess: Even if your dog is dedicated to destruction, you won’t find yourself cleaning bits of stuffing from all over the house ever again!

Perfect for Any Size Dog: Big enough for large dogs, but small dogs love them too because they’re light and easy to carry, play with and snuggle.

Interactive: 2 squeakers and multiple textures of plush fur and fabric will keep your dog entertained for hours! Dogs go crazy for the floppy realistic movement of our stuffing free toys!

Improve Their Health and Your Bond: Play is not just great physical and mental exercise, but is also proven to strengthen your bond with your best friend.

Value Pack: Move over squirrel! Your pup will love their 5 new friends: Wolf, Raccoon, Skunk, Rabbit and Lion.

100% Risk Free! Our toys are backed by our manufacturer guarantee. Simply contact us if you’re not satisfied and we will make it right. When you’re happy, we’re happy, and the rescues are happy. That’s the High Five Pets Promise

Your best friend deserves the best, and our guarantee has you covered, so go ahead and get your pup the new toys they’ll love today!

Product Features

  • SAFE AND LONGER LASTING: With our 100% stuffingless dog toys there’s no dangerous stuffing hidden anywhere for your dog to rip out and chew, swallow, or choke on; Lasts longer because most dogs are less tempted to kill an unstuffed toy that has no filler to trigger their hunting instincts; No more cleaning up bits of fluff from all over the house
  • LARGE DOG TOYS FOR ANY SIZE DOG: Ideal dog toys for large dogs, but small and medium pups love our unstuffed dog toys just as much; Their floppy light weight bodies make these plush dog toys easy for small dogs to carry, toss, and roll around with
  • KEEP DOGS BUSY AND HAPPY: Our stuffless dog toys are the perfect stimulating dog toys for boredom or to simply enjoy the kind of quality play that improves your bond with your best friend; Our squeaky toys for dogs are loaded with interactive features that dogs love such as 2 squeakers per toy and a flat floppy unstuffed body that offers the kind of realistic movement dogs go nuts over
  • VALUE DOG TOY PACK: Our Dog toy bundle of squeaky plush dog toys contains an assortment of 5 big woodland animals: raccoon, wolf, skunk, rabbit and lion; Each measures 21-24 inches for hours of oversized fun; Makes a great dog toy gift set
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are not satisfied unless you are; Simply contact us if you have any issues and we will do everything we can to make it right as per our manufacturer guarantee; When you’re happy, we’re happy, and the rescues are happy; That’s the High Five Pets Promise; Please note that like any plush toy, our toys are not indestructible and are not recommended for aggressive chewers


Anonymous says:

Not bery tough First let me say our 15 lb. Boston loved them! He went nuts from the second we opened the package. But unfortunately he tore all five limb from limb. Each one during only one play session. We didn’t play tug of war either. He held down the toy with his front paws, bit, and pulled. VERY disappointing. Our little guy is tenacious..but he is 15 lbs. Can’t imagine what a larger dog would do to theml.

Anonymous says:

My dog loves this toy! There are a few things I love about this chew toy. First off, I love it, because my dog loves it! It arrived a week ago and he is playing with it constantly and he is normally a finicky dog who hardly plays with toys at all. Next I love that I thought I was getting just 1 toy, but this arrived as a package with 5 toys – each one a different animal! In one week, the toy is showing no signs of wear, so this will last us a long time! And thirdly, and possibly the most important, is I love that this company donates a portion of their proceeds to rescue groups and homeless pets. My dog and cats are all rescues and I think it’s really important that we support organizations that find dogs homes and help to spay and neuter dogs and cats to limit the numbers of dogs and cats on the streets and shelters. Support this company and buy this toy for your dog!

Anonymous says:

Holding up to a GSD. The toys are adorable! Upon giving the raccoon to my 9 month old GSD puppy, he started to chew on the made in China tag. I quickly took the toy back and cut off the tag. Smart puppy seemed to get the message to play with his toy, but don’t chew it aggressively. Today is his first day with this kind of toy, and I am only letting him play with it under supervision when I want him to have quiet time. He has been playing with it and a couple of other toys for about an hour so far and it still looks new. I have put the other four away for later. Absolutely worth the price for a package of five. The animals appear to be well made. Max has claimed the raccoon as his!Update: after almost two months of being dragged, carried, and chewed, the raccoon is doing well and has become the toy Max looks for first thing in the morning. The skunk has been introduced and seems to be as desired as the raccoon. Very well made.

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