Yeowww! Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana

January 8, 2020 - Comment

Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana Product Features Catnip filled toy. Fun textures. All handmade. 100% organic catnip filled. Made in USA.

Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana

Product Features

  • Catnip filled toy.
  • Fun textures.
  • All handmade.
  • 100% organic catnip filled.
  • Made in USA.


Anonymous says:

Great for cats who respond strongly to catnip This is a wonderful catnip toy. I bought it for my 16-year-old Siamese cat, who liked it, but didn’t go crazy over it. She rubbed her face all over it and drooled on it a little bit, but after about 5 minutes, she was pretty much done. This isn’t necessarily the toy’s fault, as I think her response to catnip has decreased as she’s aged (she used to go crazy in her younger days), but a word of caution that not every cat is going to “go bananas” over this toy (sorry, had to make the pun). I took the banana back with me after winter break and let a 14-year-old cat my boyfriend was catsitting have a go at it, and she loved it. She was drooling all over it and biting, hugging, and licking it. She pretty easily put some puncture marks in the banana with her teeth, which was a little worrying, but nothing ripped or spilled. Then I eventually gave the banana to my other friend’s young tomcat who doesn’t have many toys and did actually go crazy over it. He’s pretty rough on everything…

Anonymous says:

it’s worth a try for any cat owner because he LOVED this toy – – – for 10 minutes – … Well, our black cat Jack (BlackJack) didn’t wait for me to open it when it came in the mail. He jumped up on a high table where the package was placed, knocked it off, and proceeded to rip the shipping package it came in, into shreds. It was at that point I suspected it was his catnip toy, and indeed it was. The only problem is that within 10 minutes, he had also torn the banana to shreds. 10 MINUTES! Now I don’t want to rate this product badly because Jack is no ordinary 3 year old cat. He had to fight his way through his first 3 months of life in a rescue before he was adopted, being bullied by the bigger cats in the same cage. That experience left him being a fighter and he loves to fight, bite, scratch and hiss so we play very hard together. He also has some amazingly over sized canines which is what did the job on this toy (he was unfortunately declawed at 1 year after almost killing us). That said, it is an ideal toy for cat owners who have “normal” cats. As…

Anonymous says:

Epitome of Catnip-Filled Cat Toys The Yeowww! Catnip Banana is the closest thing you can get to a “sure thing” in a cat toy. I have probably bought 3 bunches of these so far for my cats, shelter/foster donations, and gifts.Most cats that are 6-9 months and older react to catnip; can see the color yellow; and enjoy the “bearhug” (simultaneaously kicking and biting). All three of mine are banana fans to different extents. One likes to sit and lick it. Eww. Another won’t look for it, but if she stumbles upon it will look around furtively and then sit on it…for hours…eventually dragging it to her “secret” hidey hole for a good hour of cheeking. Kitty number three finds the banana to be an aggressor that needs to be pursued, taken down, and detained. Did you know bananas can fly? Cats, too. That catnip is funny stuff if you inhale. Which I do not, obviously.Some cats simply don’t react to catnip at a particular lifestage or at all. They may still have fun kicking the…

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